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DPXX-ST products are easy to use and have powerful advanced features. These displays are a software modified version of the standard PICKBUS hardware allowing you to work without using the DPI interface. The use of simple but powerful ASCII commands provides complete control over the display functions and is designed for quick and easy integration. Standard RS422 serial ports improve communication reliability and provide optimal immunity to electrical noise.

Pick-To-light / Put-To-Light

These displays are specially designed for this application. The complete picking procedure can be automated with them.

Control with PLC’S

DPXX-ST displays can be operated directly from PLCs capable of delivering formatted serial outputs. Display real-time production data, display message alerts or keep operators informed about critical process parameters or for POKA YOKE processes in the automotive industry.

Control with PC’s

The DPXX-ST can be operated directly from a PC using the messaging software.


Command sent from the master to the node.

Command sent from the node to the master.

  • Notifies the sender that the message has been received successfully
  • Print a message to be displayed on the screen
  • Show the color of the LED light and blinking mode.
  • Make a buzzer beep.

Command sent from the master to the node.

  • Enable/disable key tone.

There are multiple ways to interact with DPXX-ST modules. Any component with RS422 port can be connected to the DPXX-ST modules to control them

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