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The Put solution optimizes batch picking and high-speed sorting operations with a process sometimes called reverse pick-to-light. With the “put to light” system, operators scan an item and illuminate the locations representing a store or a customer who needs that item. This solution offers options that maximize speed and accuracy.


Order preparation is carried out by means of a mobile trolley that allows to integrate several components of the grouped order. The computer system informs the operator of the optimal route of collection with a mobile terminal. This process saves time of displacement of the operator. Once the grouped order has been completed, the operator can move to the sorting rack.


The operator reads each element with a scan. This makes the displays illuminate wherever the item is needed to complete the order. Operators distribute the items and press the validation key to confirm that the light is turned off. When an order is completed, the display shows and indicates that it’s complete and ready to be sent.


After an order is completed, on the back side the display illuminates and indicates that the order is complete and ready to be sent. Consequently, an operator can pick up the finished orders without interfering with other operators working on the frontal side.


The customized solutions allow to optimize the preparation of orders according to the necessity of the client.

In this case the size of the cells is varied with 56 locations. Each location incorporates a display on both sides: front and back, facilitating the picking and collection of the finished order.


It is a fast, economical and high-quality sorting order method for companies with a large number of references. The PUT-Walls, PUT-Workstations and other put-to-light solutions offer significant gains in operational efficiency, additional capacity and greater visibility of order progress and productivity rates.

Benefits of this technology:

  • Much more efficient order picking.
  • Updated stock, permanent inventory.
  • Effective solution for E-commerce. Direct supply to the consumer. Easy integration into any WMS / SAP.
  • The operator can complete more than one order simultaneously by increasing the efficiency from 60-70 lines per hour to 200 lines.
  • Less labour. One operator can complete more orders at the same time, resulting in a 19% reduction in staff. This increase the speed of collection up to 200 %.
  • Time reduction. Collecting several orders at once can lead to a cost reduction of up to 60%.