SMART Cart Case Study

Miquel Rius

Activity: Stationery

Location: Mollet (Barcelona)

Description: Preparation of orders for stores


The installation consists of 8 trolleys, each equipped with 12 strategically placed displays. This solution incorporates a Tablet PC that acts as a reporting device for the operator and an essential component for remote interaction with the SAP management system.

The Tablet PC plays a crucial role by opening a remote session that connects to a PC, acting as an interface between the operator and the SAP management system. This remote connection allows the operator to access the information needed for picking items efficiently.

The tablet PC displays data such as the exact location of the products in the cart, the detailed description of each item and the specific quantity to be picked. This remote interaction optimizes operations by providing up-to-date information in real time and facilitating accurate execution of logistics tasks.

Additionally, a Proglove hands-free scanner that connects wirelessly to the tablet PC via Bluetooth is integrated. This scanner provides an unrestricted tool for the operator, facilitating fast and accurate barcode scanning during the picking process.


EsoftLITE, which is integrated in the trolley, and manages the displays


Actividad: Pharma

Situación: Valencia

Descripción:  Preparación de pedidos 


Installation of 4 trolleys each equipped with a total of 12 strategically distributed displays. This visualization system provides essential information to the operator, significantly improving the management and execution of logistics tasks.

The TabletPC not only intelligently manages the 12 displays on the carts, but also provides detailed information to the operator. The information presented includes the exact location of the product on the cart, a detailed description of the item and the specific quantity to be picked. This intuitive and easy-to-access interface optimizes operational efficiency and minimizes potential errors during the picking process.

Additionally, a Proglove hands-free scanner has been incorporated that connects wirelessly to the TabletPC via Bluetooth. This scanner offers an unrestricted experience, allowing the operator to scan barcodes quickly and accurately without the need to hold the device in his hands. The Bluetooth connection guarantees smooth and reliable communication between the scanner and the TabletPC, ensuring optimal performance during operation.


EsoftLITE + LOTE module + scanner Proglove MARK DISPLAY

F10 Limited


Location: Dublin

Description: Order picking 


The supply consists of 4 specially designed carts with the capacity to transport up to 36 cartons each. Each cart is equipped with 3 shelves, providing a total of 6 boxes per shelf to facilitate efficient product loading. The arrangement allows easy access to the cases from both sides of the cart, optimizing handling and storage.

To improve inventory management and monitoring during transport, the customer incorporated a Tablet with Android operating system in each cart. This tablet displays crucial information, such as the current location of the cart, references of the products transported, and the number of units in each box. This real-time visualization system contributes to more efficient logistics and better inventory control.

In addition, a WIFI/RS422 module was implemented for communication and management of the displays in each cart. This technology allows wireless data transmission, ensuring a stable and fast connection between the tablet and the systems integrated in the carts. Compatibility with the RS422 standard ensures reliable and efficient communication in industrial environments.


Customer development

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