Smart Cart12 Displays

✔︎ The trolley is suitable for 300 W x 400 H x 400 D cases and is for single-sided use.

✔︎ It is equipped with a 975VA battery, which allows an autonomy of more than 2 shifts and is easy to replace.

✔︎ It incorporates a Tablet/PC that is connected to the displays. Additionally, a wireless scanner can be connected to the cart.

✔︎ The cart includes an application that through CSV / XML files manages the collection of items (Batch Picking)

✔︎ Other configurations are possible, double-sided access and double-sided displays.

Carro smart

Technical data

Price: 4800€

Maximum load :  300,00 Kg

Maximum shelf capacity: 75,00 Kg

Battery Power: 975 VA

Power supply: 24 / 29,5 V DC

Dimensions: 1297 x 467 x 1630 mm

Weight of cart empty: 30 / 50 Kg

TabletPC: Windows 10/11



Square tube chassis with welded undertray. Square tube side panels made of square tube with wire mesh. Shelves can be moved in height in 50 mm steps. Wheels Ø 125 mm with rubber tread, incorporating a 5th wheel for easy turning on itself 360º

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