Pick & Pack Cart

✔︎ Perfect for small shipping products.

✔︎ Optimal solution as the goods do not have to be packed.

✔︎ Orders are prepared directly from the warehouse to the box, into which the delivery note is inserted and are sent immediately.

✔︎ This eliminates the need for subsequent packaging, which saves time and moneyo.

✔︎ La capacidad, el carro puede ser desde 18 cajas hasta 36 cajas de 300 ancho x 400 profundos x 300 alto.

✔︎ The capacity, the cart can be from 18 boxes up to 36 boxes of 300 wide x 400 deep x 300 high..

Carro pick&pack

Technical data

Price: 5500€

Width combinations: 1277/ 1527 / 1827/ 2277 mm

Combinations high: 1475 mm

Combinations depth: 868mm

Load capacity: 180 Kg

Shelf capacity: 30 Kg

weight: 35 / 65 Kg


The PICK&PACK carts allow different combinations of width x height x depth.Some of the most common accessories that complement the supply: 5th wheel. Allows the trolley to rotate 360º on itselfHeat resistant steel frame, aluminum shelves with ergonomic handle suitable for both pulling and pushing. Shelves can be bolted in 50 mm height increments. Note: with Pick & Pack 2000, steel tubes are used.illar en incrementos de altura de 50 mm. Nota: con Pick & Pack 2000, se utilizan tubos de acero

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