Unit Picking


The “Light Picking” solution is the best-known option for performing and sorting unit orders operations. This solution increases the product selection productivity, accuracy and cost efficiency of this labour-intensive process.


The operator reads the barcode of the box with a hand-held scanner. Then, the computer system illuminates several displays at the same time and shows the required quantity of each one.

The operator picks up the units indicated by the illuminated display and places them in the box which is then confirmed by pressing the “V” key on the display. After that, the display is switched off. The next step is to repeat the same procedure until all the displays are switched off and the order has been completed.  Once the order has been completed, the operator leaves the box on the roller conveyor so that it can be moved to another picking area with pending tasks.

Benefits of Unit Picking


The “Light Picking” solution improves the efficiency of the picking orders by reducing the time spent walking between items required on it. Moreover, this solution eliminates the associated mistakes with reading paper orders.


The “Light Picking” solution is the fastest pick automation available to increase the speed and quality of the orders for your unit picking operations.


Flexible and reliable hardware with a wide catalogue of features and options.

We have libraries that facilitate the integration of the displays in the customer’s warehouse management system.

Benefits of this technology:

.   Average productivity +40%, and up to x2.
·   Fast return on investment (from 18 months).
·   Highly efficient picking. 
·   Simultaneous orders for every operator.
·   Reduced downtime between orders.
·   Reduction of errors and its costs more than 80% (vs. paper).
·   Updated stock, permanent inventory.
·   Reduction of staff training time.
.   Total control of trainer’s productivity.