What is Pick-To-Light?

Pick-to-Light enables guided picking of small parts or small boxes, with high efficiency and without paper. It reduces the error rate by 0.10% and increases productivity. It is very suitable when working with a large number of orders, precision picking, best-selling items, low number of items per order or temporary peaks.
In an order picking process with pick to light, the user sees where the items are located and the units per item. Each time an item is picked it is recorded. The order is completed step by step. Several users at the same time can fulfill parallel running orders in the same area by using different signals.
The Put-to-Light process allows the ungrouping of batches of items in your orders, thus automating order picking for items in systems where these are distributed in the warehouse.
The displays are connected to the warehouse management software. This means that inventory is up to date and user productivity can be indexed. 



  • The user does not have to move and spend time searching for items
  • The error rate decreases: no erroneous readings, no line gaps, ...
  • Waiting time between orders is eliminated, and so is paperwork.
  • Orders are automatically verified,
  • Stock is always concise and known.
  • Users adapt very easily.

Why Electrotec Pick to Light?

Electrotec has developed its own picking system based on more than 10 years of experience with third-party installations. The most common errors have been taken into account in our design. The result is robust, easy to install, easy to manage (e.g. with a web browser) and adaptable. We are very competitive with hand-sensing displays.


High productivity in high-demand environments with three or four shifts, where a production stop can be critical. The robustness of Electrotec's collection-to-light is rooted in the two-channel data and power of each display. If a cable is disconnected, production does not stop.


System configuration and monitoring can be done, among other ways, with the zone controllers integrated in the web server. Each controller can handle up to 500 displays. If a display is deconfigured, it appears in a different color, is identified and can be instantly changed or reconfigured separately.


Electrotec's Pick to Light libraries allow easy integration with any type of management software, reducing the implementation time of the digital picking solution.

Electrotec developed a flexible Pick to Light that incorporates peripherals such as barcode readers, handheld detection or scales.


What are its benefits?


The Pick by Light solution improves order picking performance by reducing the time spent walking between items required for an order and eliminating errors associated with reading paper orders.


The Pick by Light solution is the fastest pick automation available to increase the speed and order quality of your unit picking operations.

  • Fast return on investment (from 18 months).
  • Much more efficient picking.
  • Simultaneous orders per operator.
  • Reduced downtime between orders.
  • Reduction of errors and their costs by more than 80% (vs. paper).
  • Updated stock, permanent inventory.
  • Reduction of staff training time.
  • Total control of picker productivity
  • Average productivity +40%, and up to x2.
Pick to light