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PLC's picking


This solution of “Picking by Light” can incorporate a photocell that performs the function of poka-yoke (error proof), ideal to reduce errors and defects in production processes. The lights direct the operator and the display indicates the quantity to be collected. This solution is very advantageous since it supervises the correct collection of the piece and preserves it from involuntary errors.

Customers with experience in logic programming can use a specific protocol to manage the displays. We have a library for Siemens S7-1200, which facilitates the management of displays in RS422. In order to facilitate the communication of the displays with the PLC, it has been included in the display a specific protocol for this environment, the “ST” format. This format can be chosen by selecting it through the internal SETUP of the display. With an RS422 module of S7-1200, we can control up to 64 displays DPA1/DPAZ1.


This programm​ing module allows you to:

  • Sending a message and color to a single display.
  • Continuous Sending/Reading of all displays in cyclic form:
  • Text, Color, Beep, Key Reception, External Input
  • Deletion of all the displays.
  • Numbering of displays from 1 to N for your tests.  


  • Integration of displays in industrial environments.
  • Possibility of connecting a digital signal for Poca-Yoke validation processes.
  • Easy integration in PLC’s.
  • Reduced Hardware costs.
  • Improved error control in the preparation of work orders.​


DPA1 – 4 digits + RGB + input

DPAZ1 – 12 digits + RGB

DPA2 – 2 digits + RGB + 4 arrows

DPW1 – RS232 module


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