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Libraries integration

We have libraries that facilitate the integration of the displays in the warehouse management software. Along with the library is provided an open source TEST program that serves as an example.

The products of the DP series have high-performance modules connected to a fast and powerful picking bus. The communication technology between components is based on PoE (Power Over Ethernet), which allows power and communication through the use of a simple standard RJ45 cable. The modules are connected to the bus in a ring architecture ending at the DPI interface. This schematic ensures redundant communication between the components. By using this solution, we can offer zero downtime during the picking operation.

Integración con Librerias en un sistema Pick To Light

Functionalities of the Library

The protocol is based on TCP/IP communication where the concentrator of displays, DPI, acts as a server publishing information of the state and types of all the displays of the network. Each node of the network is identified with a numeric ID, the protocol allows to configure the network to add new nodes or change the IDs.

The libraries have functions to connect and disconnect with the TCP server, as well as all the operations that can be executed in the nodes of the picking network. It also implement a queue for the reception of events. The use of the library facilitates the programming and diagnosis of picking.

The library allows analyzing the state of the network, analyzing the nodes, checking one by one or globally the system and examining any alarms that may have occurred

Programa de TEST e Integración con Librerias en un sistema Pick To Light
Programa de TEST e Integración con Librerias en un sistema Pick To Light

Example program

It allows to carry out many functions that are detailed below and it is supplied in open source with the library:

EVENTS: It allows to visualize the events that are generated when pressing a key of a displays, a digital input or alarm.

DP NODES: The map of connected displays is displayed in different colours to identify the type of each one and if there is any error in one of them

ACTIONS: In this screen it is possible to force the activation Text, Color, Beep of a device or of all the devices (Broadcast) as well as it is also possible to realize the function of numbering the displays, for functions of Test / Diagnosis.

ADVANCED: This screen can be accessed through a password, as SETUP functions and configuration map of the displays for each channel can be performed. Also, importing the configuration of the controller and storing it in an XML file can be done.​

Example of connection of the displays with the DPI controller and the PC.

The displays are connected to the DPI controller in RS422 and PK protocol. The Pc is connected in Ethernet with the DPI controller

Ejemplo de conexión del sistema Pick To Light de Electrotec

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