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The operator launches the order from a PC and the LEDs of the product location be illuminated and the quantity to extract appear in a general display. The operator confirms the extraction pressing the “V” or pressing a wireless pushbutton. The process is repeated until the order is completed


– Very small locations. Where the product has very small dimensions, this is the best solution allowing you to work from dimensions of 3 cm to several meters.

– Product Replacement. In dynamic shelves where products are replaced by barcodes and manually.

Pallet shelves. In full box shelving, allows to illuminate the location and place it on the conveyor belt or cart. The quantity to be collected can be indicated in a large display located at the end of the aisle.

Customized solutions:

This example of application is for a shelf of 54 locations, which incorporates a display that informs of the reference of the product and the quantity of pieces to take out.

The LED bars are used to indicate their position and facilitate the work of picking and reduce errors in the preparation of orders.

Benefits of this technology:

  • Much more efficient order picking.
  • Updated stock, permanent inventory
  • Faster. The operator can complete the order without the use of paper.
  • Reduction of errors and their costs more than 80 % (VS paper).
  • More economical installation cost. The fact of using LEDs, to signalize the location, reduces considerably the cost of the hardware.


Maximum lenght: 50 m  of Leds RGB

Máximum number of leds: 1666

Node number: 1 – 100

Tipe of connection: Fast connect

Brightness Adjustment: 10 – 100 %     

OPTION PK – Using the DPI 1-C and the interface for Led’s LDIW-1


Opción ST – Using RS422 and the interface for Led’s LDIW-1

LDIW1-ST + 422

LDIW-1 allows to connect :

  • 100 Nodos
  • 1666 Led’s

How to manage RGB Leds:

  • Using libraries the integrator can easily manage the displays and integrate it into your management system.
  • Directly through Ethernet with the “PK” protocol, the integrator will send directly the communication frames and will receive the key events

Node structure configuration. 

  • To facilitate the starting and configuration of Leds to the programmer, each location has a node number (like other displays) and each node has a number of Leds assigned. Therefore, when a colour is activated on a node the Leds of this node will be illuminated.

Opción ST – Using RS422 and the interface for Led’s LDIW-1 and carts de Picking


Picking trolley with Tablet/PC Win.

How to manage RGB Leds:

Integrating an APP in the Tablet comunicating with a USB/RS422 and using the communication protocol “ST”.

Integrating an application developed by Electrotec “EsoftLite”.

LEDs structure configuration.

The architecture of all the LEDs need to be  configured previously inside a configuration file, which is recorded in a microSD memory plugged inside LDI-1 module.

Node structure configuration. 

For each location a node number is assigned and for each node a number of leds corresponding to location size.

More information

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