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LDIW1 - LED interface


LDIW1 interface led RGB

LDIW1 is an interface to manage RGB led strips capable to work with a maximum length of 50 m or a maximum of 100 nodes. Each node can be configured from 1 to NLeds as a maximum of 1.666 Leds.

It incorporates a microSD memory that is used to store the configuration of the RGB Leds.

Example: (100 x Locations of 0,5m)

50 cm / 3 cm/led = 16 leds/location x 100 Node = 1.600 Led

Leds configuration:

Using a TXT file you can configure the quantity of nodes and the number of Leds/Node. This file is placed in a microSD memory and inserted in the LDIW1 interface.

Nodes configuration:

The LDIW1 works transparently as one / several nodes (according to the configuration done) connected in the standard PICKBUS network. So the integrator doesn’t has to develop any new software just work like another standard node in the network


The configuration is made with the following structure: [parameter=value]

  • nodeID=2                 # Node ID of first node, the rest will be incremental
  • brightness=75          # LED brightness [0-OFF] – [255-MAX].
  •  previousSpace=0      # Number of points before the first location
  • displayMode=1         # Value [0-PK] – [1-ST]. Type of operation


  • Each location is introduced in a separated line.
  • The LedBar locations are readed like [Loc=width,space], no spaces allowed on this parameter introduction
  • Loc=10,1 #Location with 10 leds wide and 1 space
  • Loc=5,1 #Location with 5 leds wide and 1 space
  • 50 cm / 3 cm/led = 16 leds/location x 100 Nodes = 1.600 Leds
  • Leds configuration:

LDIW1 virtualizes each location as if it were a standard DPA1 device. Then, its treatment is the same as an standard display letting you use the same protocol and functions.

Tecnical Characteristics
Alimentation nom. 24V
Max 35Vdc
min 9Vdc
Power consumed W 900mW
Protections Fuse SMD
Temperature range -20ºC/45ºC
Dimensions 76x125x115
IP range IP-51
Assembly DIN-35
Funtional characteristics
Connection mode Estandard cable CAT5 FTP
Ethernet LAN8720 100Base-T
100 Mbps Ethernet
CH1-A 250 DPDs/Canal
CH1-B 250 DPDs/Canal
Digital outputs 3x 24Vdc 200mA max.

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