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LCI - Interface


Interface Low Cost LCI


The LCI2 module is an interface that allows LC1r modules to be added inside the PICKbus network.


LCI2 features an internal processor capable of managing up to 60 LC1r nodes. The LCI2 is connected between the PICKBUS using RJ45 connectors and a new bus where the LC1r are connected using RJ12 connectors.

LCI2 incorporates two Leds in the cover Tx / Rx to facilitate a rapid diagnostic of network. You can check if there is any data in transit between the LCI2 and the LC1r devices.

It is completely transparent to the commands of reading and writing facilitating the development tasks of application software.

Ejemplo de conexión de la Interface Low Cost LCI2
Características técnicas
Alimentation nom. 24Vdc
Max 35Vdc
min 9Vdc
Energy consumption W 900mW
Protecctions Fuse SMD
Temperature range -20ºC/45ºC
Dimensions 37 x 135
IP range IP-51
Assembly DIN-35
Functional characteristics
Connection mode Estándard cable CAT5 FTP
Ethernet LAN8720 100Base-T
100 Mbps Ethernet
CH1 60 LC1r/Canal

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