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LC1 - Button + RGB pilot


Display Low Cost LC1

The LC1 is a small display with just one key and an indicator light. This module has de minimum hardware needed to be able of indicating position and the pick/put validation.

It features a membrane keyboard with an RGB pilot. The pilot has a light diffuser shell designed for long distance viewing and perfect for corridors with a lot of perspective.


  • RGB pilot
  • One validation key
  • RJ12 communication connectors
  • It requires the LCI2 interface module to be integrated with PICKBUS network
Tecnical characterístics
Alimentation nom. 5 Vdc
Max 6 Vdc
min 4 Vdc
Protections Fuse SMD
Temperature rating -20ºC/60ºC
Dimensions 61x37mm
IP rating IP-51
Funtional characteristics
Connection mode RJ12
Light pilot LED RGB
Caparazón 23mmØ
Keyboard 1 membrane key

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