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The proposed solution is to supply a KTP10 system. It uses a Tablet, which incorporates a software that manages the lights and facilitates the preparation of orders without the use of paper. The software application manages the lights of the displays as well as the display of the digits indicating the quantity to be prepared. The KTP10 also includes the displays and the wires that connect them. No technical training is required for the installation of the devices, as the displays are fitted with a permanent magnet that facilitates the magnetic coupling for assembly. To facilitate the use of the KTP10, comma-separated CSV files have been used, which can be edited in a spreadsheet and exported to CSV.


Following the instruction manual, step by step it will indicate how to proceed to install the hardware and then test its operation using a TEST.

Through a Tutorial, which is supplied with the material and which will indicate, step by step, how to proceed to install the materials correctly and its operation TEST.


Assembly. We will proceed with the assembly of the displays on the shelf. The displays include an iridium magnet that facilitates their attachment to standard metal shelves. Each display is marked with a node number, which corresponds to an article (Picking) or location of an order (eCommerce PUT process). Once the displays have been mounted and connected, we will proceed to mount the Tablet/PC and connect the displays to the network.

Working mode. Before starting any picking operation and depending on the use you wish to make of the KIT, you must select the working mode from the menu. There are two types of functionalities to choose from and they are described below:

Sorting mode. This mode is optimal for eCommerce, as we can carry out a grouped collection and then classify it on a shelf.

Picking mode. This mode is optimal for order preparation, picking items from a shelf and placing them in a box.

Start-up. Once the working mode has been selected, the operator enters his personal data such as name and current date. This data is used for traceability and stored every time a pick is made. The order is selected in the screen that you want to prepare, then the system will be ready to start working according to the working mode chosen and thus make the Picking or PUT for eCommerce.

Once the Picking or PUT has been completed, the operator must select the new file to be prepared from the screen, leaving the system ready to carry out the Picking or PUT for eCommerce.


  • Effective solution for e-commerce
  • No technical training required
  • You install it yourself
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Integrated software


  • Integrated order management
  • Uses batch files in CSV format
  • Easy and intuitive display management
  • Order and user traceability


  • Updated stock, permanent inventory
  • Effective solution for E-commerce
  • Easy integration of files
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Integrated software

CLASSIFIER KTP10 … 2.800 €

  • 10 4-digit alphanumeric displays
  • 1 Sick 1D handheld scanner
  • 1 Tablet/PC + support
  • Display management software
  • Instruction manual
  • Installation Tutorial
  • Order sample KIT

CLASSIFIER KTP20 … 3.800 €

  • 20 4-digit alphanumeric displays

CLASSIFIER KTP30 … 4.800 €

  • 30 4-digit alphanumeric displays
KIT clasificador de Pedidos KTP10

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