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The EsoftLite application offers the flexibility and power needed to control Electrotec displays for different picking solutions. Thanks to its design, flexible configuration and wide set of options, EsoftLITE is ideal for controlling a wide variety of picking applications. The way that the data is managed is through CSV files.

EsoftLITE with Picking functionalities


The EsoftLITE has been designed to be used in different picking applications. It can be installed in a Windows environment on either a Tablet/PC or a desktop computer. The maximum limit of devices to be installed are 100 displays, which can be either DPA or LC series or both. 

Features supported by EsoftLITE

  • Picking carts with displays on one or both sides. The management of the displays is done with a Tablet/PC that incorporates the cart and that serves to indicate to the operator all the actions to be performed in the picking process in the warehouse.
  • Order sorter (e-commerce). It can be chosen for the front or front and back side.
  • Unit picking. Ideal for systems with dynamic shelves or also for conventional shelves.
  • Custom mode, Adding new functionalities to those described above that require different data processing.

A CSV (comma-separated values) file is a special type of file that you can create or edit in Excel. Instead of storing information in columns, CSV files store data separated with commas. When text and numbers are stored in a CSV file, it is easy to move them from one program to another.

The application manages the cart displays making it easy for the operator to pick items from the shelf and load them to the cart locations.

This functionality allows the operator to sort items from a container/cart with a scanner and place them in a location on the shelf that corresponds to an order to be delivered.

The application manages the displays from the scanning of a barcode of a box and that corresponds to an order. In this picking process, the operator picks the items from the shelf and places it in the box.

The application is adapted to customer specifications.

Several test functionalities are included in the EsoftLITE software to provide the test and maintenance environment. Thanks to the manual test, we can test one by one all the display functions, visualize the text, the different pilot colors as well as the operation of the keys. Also, the automatic test tool allows to quickly visualize at a glance that all displays are connected and ready for operation.

TEST and SETUP functionalities

  • General Setup. Allows to configure COM ports, users and data path.
  • Setup operating mode. Allows to select the various operating modes, Carts.
  • Setup node configuration. Used to configure the nodes (displays) used.
  • Manual test. Data can be sent to the displays individually or all at the same time.
  • Auto Test. Displays can show their node number and is used to quickly check that they are working correctly.

EsoftLITE for Picking Carts

Mobile picking carts combine a variety of technologies and ensure fast and accurate placement during the picking process. These systems automate the picking of multiple orders simultaneously. They ensure that the correct quantity is loaded/picked and also the correct location. Mobile pick carts can significantly increase picking speed by up to 200%.

The EsoftLITE can operate in two modes, one with manual box assignment and the other with automatic assignment.


The Put solution optimizes batch picking and high-speed sortation operations with a process sometimes called reverse Pick To Light. With the system put to light, operators scan an item and the locations that represent a store or customer in need of that item, are showed.  The Put solution offers options that maximize speed and accuracy.


The Pick by Light solution is the best-known option for executing order unit sorting operations. This solution increases product picking productivity, accuracy and cost efficiency of this labor-intensive process. It increases productivity by over 40% and can reach up to 200%.

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