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DPA1 - Alphanumeric 4 digits



The DPA1/DPM1 is characterized by having 4 digits that allow a maximum of thirty characters in scroll. It incorporates a membrane keypad with 4 keys and a RGB pilot capable of generating up to 7 colors. The pilot has a light diffusing shell designed for long distance viewing and perfect for corridors with a lot of perspective. To facilitate interaction with the operator the acoustic signal (buzzer) can be used too. In addition, on installations with high quality requirements that require confirmation of hand detection, this module includes a digital input signal allowing to interface to external buttons or photocells.


The DPA1/DPM1 is the most common used module because of its dimensions and characteristics for the normal SKU. Its 4 digits allow us to visualize characters and numbers during the preparation of the order.

With the DPM1 and its dot matrix, we will be able to visualize symbols, characters and numbers during the order preparation. This flexibility allows us to optimise interactive messages to the operator.

Tecnical characteristics
Power supply nom. 24Vdc
Max 35Vdc
min 9Vdc
Battery Power W 900mW
Protections Fuse SMD
Operating temperature -20ºC/60ºC
Dimensions 161x36mm
IP rating IP-51
Functional characteristics
Connection medium Estandad cable CAT5 FTP
Light pilot LED RGB
Screen 60x22mm
4x display red alphanumeric
keyboard 4 Membrane keys
Alarm Acústic (Buzzer)
Input digital 24V PNP

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