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Picking cold and frozen areas


The “Light Picking” solution is the best-known option for performing order unit sorting operations. This solution increases the product selection productivity, accuracy and cost efficiency of this labour-intensive process. This solution is valid for cold chambers from 2 to 8 ºC and also for frozen chambers at -20ºC.


Frozen: An operator launches the order to prepare from the computer that is located outside the cold chamber, the lights of the cold chamber are illuminated, the operator performs a quick collection of the product and confirms turning off the light. Then, the operator repeats this operation until all the lights have been switched off and the order has been completed.

Cold: The operator reads the barcode of the box using a hand scanner. After that, the computer system illuminates several displays at the same time and shows the required quantity of each one. The operator picks up the units indicated by the illuminated display and places them in the box which is then confirmed by pressing the “V” key on the display when it’s switched off. Repeating the same procedure until all the displays are switched off will complete the order.  Once the order has been completed, the operator leaves the box on the roller conveyor so that it can be moved to another picking area with pending tasks.


For working in frozen warehouses, a photocell has been incorporated into the display to validate with the hand and work gloves the confirmation that the loading operation has been completed. With this solution there’s no need to press any key


The “Light Picking” solution improves order picking efficiency by reducing the time spent walking between items required for an order and eliminating errors associated with reading paper orders.


Large capacity of classification with minimum times, in cold and frozen zones.

Minimum time in the collection of the articles for zones of very low temperature.