What is Batch Picking?


Order picking is the most resource-intensive process in the warehouse. Efficient and accurate picking leads to increased profits and customer service. But, how do you know which order picking trolley to choose?

Important factors to consider

Order picking trolleys are important in warehouse and factory operations. These trolleys are used to move items from one location to another, improving accuracy and stock control and reducing losses due to incorrect counts. Order picking trolleys also reduce the need for fixed furniture and workstations. It promotes a better working environment and also improves employee morale, which reduces the company’s turnover rate and the associated cost of productivity and training of new staff .

Types of warehouses picking carts

Order picking trolleys are a vital part of every warehouse, distribution centre and 3PL. Choosing a trolley is a matter of budget and personal preference, but for everyday use, trolleys should be light, strong and have comfortable handles. Another consideration is space for necessities such as ziplock bags for small parts, Sharpies, labels, a tablet or clipboard and a barcode gun. Finally, it must be considered the type and weight of materials the trolleys will have to handle. There are trolleys available or customizable for almost any need and type of product.

Safety Trolleys

RC/S8 basic model with attachable wire shelf

RC/S8 basic model with attachable wire shelfMade of coated steel wire or welded steel, this ensures the safe transport of expensive or dangerous items that you don’t want just anyone to touch. The trolley locking system can be a simple padlock or a more secure solution such as a fingerprint or chip reader.

Order picking trolleys

RCB Supplied without standard boxes

Steel can be a good choice, but resin or steel wire can be a lighter load to push. These trolleys come in multiple shapes and sizes, some with areas to hold a tablet and other items. There are some that even come with a built-in ladder at one end. Note that these features add to the weight.

Service trolleys

Serving trolleys are a standard in many foodservice facilities, but they also make excellent pick-up trolleys. Lightweight, with different sizes and configurations, these trolleys work best with lighter items.

Smart Trolleys

Electrotec manufactures a wireless Pick-to-Light system that can turn your existing picking trolleys into smart trolleys. Forget everything you know about pick-to-light because this system can be used in ways that traditional pick-to-light cannot.

Platform trolleys

These trolleys made of wood, resin or steel are for heavy things. Ideally, they should not be used for heavy lifting. It is better to use a portable lift, lift or gantry crane to load the truck.

Pick & Pack trolleys

Picks the goods from the warehouse and packs them directly into the shipping box. Improves preparation times, as the goods do not have to be repacked. Perfect for small shipments.

Pack Mule (towable electric trolleys)

Electric towable trolleys, also called Pack Mules, have the added advantage of speed and extended capacity. They allow for flexible configurations, with multiple trolleys attached to the electric unit.