Picking in frozen warehouse?

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Electrotec has developed a picking cart ideal for orders preparation in cold or frozen  warehouses up to temperatures of -20 degrees. Equipped with a semi-automatic guidance system allows the reduction of working time, reducing the time of the “picker” in cold environments.

Picking cart in cold warehouses

Working in difficult environments, such as the picking in cold storage, staff must wear special suits with gloves to protect themselves from localized cooling. This dress hinders extraction of goods and operating devices. As a solution, the car is equipped with a hand detection display to facilitate the validation and verification of products. The distribution of the load on the picking cart, lets you control the pace of work, avoiding overexertion in travel during collection. The system improves the productivity of workers in cold storage environments, improving accuracy in order picking and speeding up shipment times.

The car is equipped with a battery lead crystal adapted to temperatures up to -40 ° C. The physical structure has swivel wheels specially designed for cold.


  • Reduced working time, thanks to the guidance system and the collection and preparation of multiple orders simultaneously
  • Ease of operation with hand detecting sensor
  • Improved traceability
  • Adaptability (configurable on shelves and displays)
Carro de picking para almacenes de frío

Carro de picking para almacenes de frío

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