Picking Cart DPMOBILEPICK Smart


Integrated management


Autonomous. Manage work orders sequentially.

Operational Put-to-light by sending / receiving files requests from the user management software (WMS or ERP).

Panel industrial PC Pc Touch 12.1 “. To guide the operator through the warehouse to the SKU correct locations, the most productive mobile carts integrate a touch interface and color display

Lithium Battery LiFePo4 high performance, with a durability of 1500 cycles at 85% load.

Modular design It covers a wide range of applications due to its versatility to combine various options

Options supply trolley KT3>

A, Wide mm 900
B, Depth mm 465 625
C, Height mm 1.230 1.630 1.830
D, Shelf mm 850 850
Loading capacity kg 150 – 300
A, Wide mm 1.297
B, Depth mm 465 625
C, Height mm 1.630 1.830
D, Shelf mm 1.250 1.250
Loading capacity kg 150 – 300
A, Wide mm 1.713
B, Depth mm 465 625
C, Height mm 1.630 1.830
D, Shelf mm 1.666 1.666
Loading capacity kg 150 – 300

Other supply options: KT1

A, Wide mm 660 860
B, Depth mm 400 600
C, Height mm 1.275 1.275
Loading capacity kg 150

Lithium battery with charge indicator

The system quick change of batteries provides optimal operation in several shifts.
Thanks to its high energy density , the new batteries are smaller, lighter and with a high life cycle for loading / unloading giving it durability.


It incorporate a microcontroller BMS that controls the load cell and overload. After several years of use the batteries can be recycled.


Charger load capacity 6 -10 A depending on the model, incorporates an LED indicator fully charged state.


Charge indicator. It includes an indicator of the battery state of charge.

Voltage 24V ( 25,9 V nominal )
Supply current 20 Ah
weight 5,9 kg
Dimensinons 190 H x 235 L x 135 W
Charge voltage 29-30 V
Lifecycle > 85 % 1000 cicles> 70 % 3000 cicles

Industrial Panel PC

Screen 12,1 “ 4:3 TFT LED flush resistive touch
CPU Intel Atom Dual D2550 1,86 Ghz
Ram, HD Ram 2Gb, SSD 2,5” Industrial 16Gb
Wireless Lan 802.11b/g/n
Operating system Windows Embedded S7 (FBWF)


Multiple functions pick-to-light can be integrated to provide additional information to the operator of the mobile picking trolley. As at the end label printing order / request alerts for special packaging instructions, monitoring, data capture

The integrated software uses an internal algorithm to manage orders sequentially and interacts with the operator to facilitate the collection / extraction products .

Put-to-Light ESOFTLITE



The management software DPMobilePICK allows preparation of multiple orders simultaneously through a user-friendly application, file-based .

The EsoftLite easily integrates with existing warehouse management systems (EMS) using standardized files. Pending orders are loaded from the directory entry and once the preparation is done the results are returned to  the finished directory.


  • Assign boxes in the positions of picking
  • Traceability Preparer
  • Performance Indicator Preparation real time
  • Notice of lack of stock.

    Other supply options: DPMobilePick with remote management

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