Using Peripheral wide range of services in the mobile picking trolley

  • Barcode Scanners. The inclusion of barcode scanners RF allows the reading of selected articles. Label barcode scanning confirms that it has made the right choice, which in turn illuminates the pick-to-light for proper product placement module. The automated system can also trolley additional location information, digits, lot number or other coded information necessary for example for quality control. p>
  • Printer on board. This feature allows the operator to print an order / packing list and shipping label that can increase productivity.
  • Hand Control can incorporate a system capable of detecting the hand to introduce the product in the appropriate location
Scanner Sick USB IDM140-2
Scanner Sick Bluetooth IDM140-2BT USB
Reading distance up to 600 mm
  • Scan rate up to 500 scans/second
  • Identification of codes with 0.076 mm cell sizeCortina réflex SickPLG3-270F431Printer Zebra


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