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Remote management

Electrotec presents a new put to light cart for paperless reverse picking, WiFi connected.

Carro de picking Put to Light DP Mobile Pick Shelf

¿How does it IMPROVE the warehouse tasks?

Time savings:

  • product location: it might be shown at the screens.
  • operator movements within  the building thanks to unified itineraries and simultaneous orders.
  • Orders are checked automatically.
  • Stocks are automatically updated.
  • There is no need to print and deliver orders.

It shows  what product has to be picked every time and
how many, with error rates <0,5% in barcode readings.

Easily adapted to your current WMS – Warehouse Management System.



The WMS  performs all the tasks of managing orders, ie the WMS sends the necessary information to Cart for displaying the put-to-light and the amount of supply current order. A communication interface is provided to access the functions of the car.

Main features

The DPMobileShelf Pick cart is mainly used in reverse picking or Put to Light.

  • 100%  configurable in shelves and electronic Electrotec components.
  • 9 picking displays  (standard version)
  • 1 zone picking display (standard version)
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life, 7 hours charging time
  • Embedded WiFi TCP  server
  • 5th wheel, it turns on the spot and improves handling and ergonomics
  • Easily adapted to your software
  • It withstands a weight of 700 kg
  • Dimensions: 1630 x 1400 x 450 mm.


Cart DPMobilePICK identifies the grouped order  by reading a bar code. It then starts the tour by picking locations that make up the grouped order. The location and description of each product is shown in the general display of the cart. By validating the location, the system activates the light displays positions on the cart to perform the “put-to-light” operation and indicates the amount. The operator validates each product by scanning the barcode and puts the product in the appropriate positions. The process continues until the grouped order is finished.

DPMobilePICK is 100% configurable in shelves and displays.
Other supply options: DPMobilePick SMART with integrated management

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