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Batch picking is a process of preparation of orders / orders characterized by “groups of orders … whose aim is to minimize the time spent on repetitive actions loading / removing the same location product.” One person (Picker) moves through the store and select the products to fill several orders in one shift. Optimal Batch Picking management often requires a warehouse management system (WMS) or an order management system (OMS) for previously ordering the orders / orders.

For example. All orders requiring one or more products from the same stock (Stock Keeping Units SKUs) or all of whose orders (SKU) product needs to look in the vicinity of each other. After grouping together, the system releases a batch of orders grouped.


It is estimated that labor costs in the preparation of orders can reach 55% of total operating expenses and transfers from the point of collection to delivery zone may incur a cost of 60-65% cost of the work by hand.

Batch Picking benefits:

  • Faster. Because the operator can complete more than one order simultaneously and as a result the performance can be increased from 60 to 70 lines per hour at 200 lines per hour.
  • Time Reduction. Multi order picking can lead to a cost reduction of up to 60%.
  • Low labor. An operator can complete more orders at once, so it results in a 19% reduction of personnel.


Easy to learn and use. Mobile Pick the cars combine a variety of technologies and ensure fast and accurate placement during the collection process. These systems automate the collection of multiple orders simultaneously. Possible to ensure that the amount charged / withdrawn is correct and also its location. Mobile Pick carts can significantly increase the collection rate up to 200%.


Effective solution

  1. E-commerce and supply direct to the consumer.
  2. Suministro a 3PL (Third-party logistics (3PL))
  3. Operations where orders are no more than two lines, smaller product sizes and can be grouped 12-30.
  4. Operations with a variety of SKUs (items) that do not fit the profile of high, medium and low speed.
  5. Operations that do not justify the installation of automated picking technology for product SKU low and medium rotation.
  6. Operations that not justify the technology investment picking the de-localization of product SKU
  7. Warehouses without conveyors and sorters.

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