Why consider Pick / Put-to-Light?

What is Pick-to-Light?

The Pick to (by) Light and Put to (by) Light technologies are a part of the digital picking systems and component assembly in many industrial sectors.

Estantería con Displays de Pick to Light de Electrotec. A Sample of Pick to Light set from Electrotec.
A sample of Pick to Light displays from Electrotec.

The Pick to Light allows the light guided picking of small pieces or small boxes, with a strong efficiency and without printed paper. It reduces the error rate at levels by 0,10% and increases productivity of the picking. It is very suitable when working with a large number of selections, precision picking, bestseller articles,  low number of items per order or temporary peaks.

You can see a brief presentation of the advantages of Pick to Light and Electrotec System by following this link.

In a picking process of an order with Pick to Light, the user sees where the items are and how many units per item does the order need, and every time an item is selected it is registered. Step by step the order is completed. Several users at the same time can fulfil parallel ongoing orders in the same area by using different signals.

The Put to Light is though for the allocation of items where the system needs are. It can be used for instance in replenishment.

Permanent inventory

The Pick to Light displays connect to the warehouse software. This means that the inventory is always known and that the user productivity can be indexed.

Productivity from +40% to x2

The Pick to Light productivity increases have their origin in:

  • The user does not need to move and spend time in order to search items,
  • Error rate decreases dramatically: no misreads, no line gaps,…
  • Time between orders is eliminated, and so are the paperworks,
  • Orders are automatically verified,
  • Stock is always concise and known
  • Users are very easily adapted,

Fast payback

The productivity increases in front of printed pickings or other digital systems allow a rapid payback. 18 month time is a usual starting average when pick to light replaces printed order picking.

Pick to Light Electrotec instalación real


What does the Electrotec Pick to Light offer you?

Electrotec has developed its own Pick-Put to Light starting from a 10 year experience in  third-party Pick to Light installations. This experience has strongly contributed to the design of the Electrotec System. As a result this is now a hardy system, easily installed and overseen (via web for instance) and adaptable. We are very competitive with hand detection displays.

Zero stop picking

In demanding settings, with three or four working shifts, a picking stop can be critical. The robustness of the Electrotec Pick to Light has its reason in the double channel of data and power that every display has. The cut or disconnection of a single cable does not stop the entire system.

Easy setting and surveillance

The first setting up and the maintenance can be done by several means. One of these can be a built-in web browser placed in the DPI1 Interface. Each DPI1 manages up to 500 displays. If a display is shown in a different colour it, can be easily identified, changed or reprogrammed in a single way.


The libraries of the Electrotec Pick to Light make it easy to interact with any warehouse management system. They help with the reduction of the light-guided picking installation time.

Electrotec has designed a flexible Pick to Light that incorporates peripherals like barcode readers, hand detection or scales.


All the display devices have several input possibilities: barcode readers, RFID readers, scales, hand detection or any other …


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