DPW1 – Interface RS232



The DPW1 module is an RS232 interface that allows you to add devices to the picking  bus PICKbus. This module is perfect for the integration of bar code scanners, scales, card readers and other devices that use the RS232 port.


The DPW1 is characterized by an internal processor able to manage the reading data in RS232C and the writing data to the RS232C receiver. It is totally transparent to the read and write commands, this makes easier to the programmer the development of the application software.

The module has a 5VDC 1A configurable power output for powering external devices (perfect for manual barcode readers). It also incorporates a power led and two Send/Recive LEDs to check if there is data in transit between the computer and the network.

Power supply nom. 24Vdc
  max 35Vdc
  min 9Vdc
Consumption nom. 500mW
  max.  (output activated) 7.5W
Protections    TR5 Fuse
Working Temperature   -20ºC/60ºC
Dimensions   80x120x43mm
IP Code   IP-51
Working features
Connection media   Standard CAT5 FTP cable
Indicator   RXD / TXD
Baud Rate   1200..115200bps
Byte Size   7, 8 bits
Parity   None, even, odd, mark, space
Keypad   1 configuration key
Downloadable documents
Datasheet DPW1 (Spanish)  

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