DPI1 – Picking Controller



Connectivity to other environments is possible with the DPI1 interface. This powerful controller allows the communication of the DPDs and the management software of the picking via ethernet.


Communications. The DPI1 has an Ethernet port with a LAN8720 100Base-T chip and two network status indicators. It provides two channels that support 250 DPDs/channel with a maximum of 500 DPDs in total. The interface is easy to install, can be inserted into a DIN-5 rail and connected to standard DPDs via standard network cables.

IP Configuration. It is possible to manually reset TCP/IP addresses using the built-in keyboard.

Backup configurationThe module has a slot for inserting a SIM card. This card is used to make a backup of the configuration data of the installation.

Screen. The screen allows you to do Ethernet  and diagnostic configuration operations.

Web Server. It is used for configuration, maintenance and diagnostic tasks. Using a browser, you can do the following tasks:

  • Configuration: Reassign the network ID, configure nodes language, configure IP parameters of the interface …
  • Global test: Display the map of the connected nodes, check errors and test the entire installation.
  • Individual test: This utility allows you to view a particular DPD and check if all its functions, buttons and output peripherals are working properly.

Digital outputs. The DPI1 has three configurable digital outputs to show the active piciking, pending picking and installation alarms.

Power supply nom. 24Vdc
Max 30Vdc
min 20Vdc
Consumption W 1,5W
Protections Fuse 1A
Working Temperature -20º/45ºC
Dimensions 76x125x115mm
IP Code IP-51
Assembly DIN-5 Rail
Working features
Connection media Standard FTP cable
Ethernet LAN8720 100Base-T
100 Mbps Ethernet
CH1 A/B 250 DPDs/Canal
CH2 A/B 250 DPDs/Canal
Digital outputs 3x 24Vdc 200mA max.
Downloadable documents
DPI1 – Datasheet
DPI1 – Comunications protocol

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