DPAZ1 – Zone Display



The DPAZ1 is perfect for working with more than one operator in the same area thanks to an RGB pilot and a screen able to display texts up to twelve or thirty characters in scroll. This DPD can be used for the communication of the orders that must be made by the operator during the ordering process.


The DPAZ1 features 12 alphanumeric digits, a 4-key membrane keypad and a RGB pilot able to generate up to 7 colors. The pilot has a light diffuser shell designed for long-range signaling and perfect for corridors with too much perspective. To facilitate the ergonomics of the operator, it provides an acoustic signal (buzzer), which is configurable from the system. Also, for installations with high quality requirements that need the confirmation of the removal of the piece, it includes a digital signal input that can be a pushbutton or photocell.

Power supply nom. 24Vdc
Max 35Vdc
min 9Vdc
Consumption W 900mW
Protections SMD Fuse
Working Temperature -20ºC/60ºC
Dimensions 263x36mm
IP Code IP-51
Working features
Connection media Standard CAT5 FTP cable
Light indicator LED RGB
Shell 23mmØ
Screen 150x22mm
12x display red alphanumeric
Keypad 4 membrane keys
Alarm Acoustic (Buzzer)
Digital input 24V PNP
Downloadable documents
Datasheet DPAZ1

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