DPA2 – Budget pick to light 4 in 1 picking display.




The DPA2  display is a new product in Electrotec’s Pick to Light System. Its 4 corner lights allow to signal 4 different SKUs (Stock-Keeping-Units) with only one device; costs savings are evident. 2 alphanumeric characters displays for 0-99 numbers and text messages scrolling up to 30 characters long.

Pick to Light from Electrotec. New 4 positions budget display, maximize your investment, reduce prices.



In addition to the 2 characters screen, the DPA2 has an embedded 4 keys membrane keyboard and a RGB led pilot able to show 7 different colors.

The pilot has a light diffuser shell designed for long-distance signaling and perfect for hailways. In order to ease user ergonomics, it features an audible signal (buzzer) which is configurable. Furthermore, for installations with high quality requirements, it embeds a digital input signal.

Power supply nom. 24Vdc
Max 35Vdc
min 9Vdc
Consumption W 900mW
Protections SMD Fuse
Working Temperature -20ºC/60ºC
Dimensions 161x36mm
IP Code IP-51
Media cable Standard CAT5 FTP cable
Light signals RGB LED
 23mmØ Shell
Screen 60x22mm
2 character red alphanumeric display
Keyboard 4 membrane keys
Alarm Acoustic (Buzzer)
Digital input 24V PNP


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