Installation accessories

There are some accessories needed in order to install and set up the PICKBUS system:

Left to right:

  • PLDC1: DC/DC configurable converter.
  • DPF1: Displays power supply distributors.
  • PFIL-U / PFIL-T: Tray and cover mounting components.
  • FINX-X: Tray endings.
  • CBL-RN: Two wire cable red-black.


Configurable DC/DC converter for external components power supply. Able to output up to 2W.

This component has an input power supply borne for a 2,5mm2 max cable and protection against shortcut with a 4A fusible. The maximal input voltage is 48VDC and the output one is configurable 24VCD to 9VDC depending on the chosen PLDC1 . The converter output can be either cable or connector set.

  • PLDC1-9V-W – Configurable DC/DC converter  2W 9VDC cable output.
  • PLDC1-12V-W – Configurable DC/DC converter  2W 12VDC cable output.
  • PLDC1-24V-W – Configurable DC/DC converter  2W 24VDC cable output.
  • PLDC1-9V-C – Configurable DC/DC converter  2W 9VDC connector output.
  • PLDC1-12V-C – Configurable DC/DC converter  2W 12VDC  connector output.
  • PLDC1-24V-C – Configurable DC/DC converter  2W 24VDC  connector output.

DPF1 – Display power supply distributor

This component injects 24VCD power into the RJ45 cable. By using this component the net of displays can be powered. The DPF1 has two input bornes using 2,5mm2 max cable and a 4A fusible protection. This distributor has to be installed every 16 to 20 DPA1/DPM1/ DPAZ1/DPMZ1 displays.


PFIL-U / PFIL-T – Tray and cover for the displays picking system.


The tray has three different angles in its back so that more ergonomic positions can be achieved. Depending on the set high shelf, one or other position will be chosen to be adapted to the best user work position.

The tray cover is used among the connected displays.

  • PFIL-U – Aluminium tray coming in 3 m units.
  • PFIL-T – Aluminium cover coming in 3 m units.

FINX-X – Tray ending

There are 4 different kinds of tray endings. Two out of them are bored to bring the cables to the next tray and the other without bore.  Holes are PG16 sized so that a right pipe can be easily done.

  • FIN-D: PG16 bored right end.
  • FIN-I: PG16 bored left end.
  • FINC-D: Closed right end.
  • FINC-I: Closed left end.

CBL-RN – Red/black connection cable

A 100 m reel of parallel red/black 1,5mmcable. It is used for the displays power supply from the PLF1  distributor.

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