DP Serie

DP Serie – Picking Displays

The products of the DP series are characterized by having high performance modules connected to a powerful and fast bus picking. Communication technology equipment is based on PoE, allowing power and communication between computers via a cable RJ45 stándard. Teams are connected to the bus in a ring that is closed in picking interface (DPI) and ensures redundant communication between computers. With this solution we can guarantee zero time during the operation stop picking.

The main advantage of the DP products lies in the ability to diagnose network of picking and all its nodes. Through an integrated interface for picking (DPI) web server operator can analyze the state of the network, configure the PDSD, individually or globally to test the system and monitor the alarms that have occurred.

The products of this series have a RGB driver, buzzer, alphanumeric or matrix display, 4 buttons, external input PNP 24V, internal diagnostics and configuration menu.






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